As part of the promotion of gender diversity in the workplace, Digital Works signed a partnership agreement with the German International Cooperation – GIZ on Monday, June 24, 2019.

Nowadays, several organizations are conscious that the gender diversity is a key competitive advantage, and are experiencing it in their day-to-day operations,

The project in named “EmpowereDWomen” and aims to find, encourage and retain women talent in Digital Works.

The project will enable Digital Works women employees to benefit from free soft skills training and inspiring workshops, to be promoted to management positions, and thus to prepare the next women generation of Digital Works.

“EmpowereDWomen” is a project that deploys also new digital tools offering a suite of online services to automate business processes and HR, as part of Digital Works’ digitalization policy, for fast and smooth processing of requests.

The project includes the organization of focus groups with female collaborators to collect and analyze perceptions of working conditions within Digital Works, with a view to further improving them.

Digital Works has been been ranked in the Top 5 Moroccan companies deploying efforts in the field of professional gender diversity. The company continues to design and implement corporate diversity initiatives, and develops projects to reinforce equal opportunities policies in the workplace.

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